Eight quality mattresses you can buy online

Sleep soundly.

Sleep soundly.

Bed in a box.

Bed in a box.

The bed-in-a-box phenomenon has revolutionized how we buy mattresses, but they aren’t just convenient to order and set up—they are comfortable and durable as well. This Casper Sleep Essential Mattress is 11-inches thick once out of the box, and uses three layers of memory foam to provide the support you need throughout the night. The foam is also designed for breathability, so you’ll never feel too warm. Plus, with Casper, you can try it out for 100 nights and if you’re not satisfied, they’ll give you a full refund.

Best of both worlds.

Best of both worlds. (Amazon/)

This mattress provides the perfect combination of memory foam and coils. The Classic Brands Hybrid Mattress uses wrap coil technology that not only provides support, but also allows you to move around without disturbing your sleeping partner. The foam layers contour to your body, provide cooling and support for a restful night’s sleep. This mattress also comes in a box, so three cheers for easy delivery and set up!

Keep it cool.

Keep it cool.

If you’re one of those people who’s always hot in the middle of the night, the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the bed for you. As its name implies, this memory foam mattress is crafted to keep you cool. The bottom layer provides the support you expect from a quality mattress, while the two top layers provide breathability as well as a special gel layer. If you’re tired of waking up in a pool of sweat, you should consider this bed.

Keep bacteria away.

Keep bacteria away.

Traditional mattresses hold a lot of bacteria and can get smelly. This Zinus 12 Inch Hybrid mattress is infused with green tea to keep bacteria, pests, and bad odors away. With all the support of a hybrid mattress, including an innerspring base and form-fitting foam, this bed is comfortable, made to last, and most importantly, perfect for keeping your bed smelling fresh.

Sweet dreams are made of these.

Sweet dreams are made of these. (Amazon/)

Goldilocks would approve of this multi-layered memory-foam mattress. Neither too soft nor too hard, too cold or too hot, it’s designed to be just right. The two layers of memory foam include a quilted gel foam to fit the contours of your body no matter what position you are sleeping in, and a core recovery foam that provides support and resilience. There’s a Tencel cooling cover to help keep you cozy without needing to toss the covers off; it is also bedbug-resistant.

Lullabies and good nights.

Lullabies and good nights. (Amazon/)

Choosing the right bed for your little one is important. With this Greenguard Gold Certified mattress, you don’t have to worry about off-gassing or allergens from foam, latex, glue or springs. Give your infant or toddler a quality surface designed to be breathable and reduce suffocation risk, and the whole mattress is washable, too. You can even purchase a separate removable cover to ensure there’s always one on hand for a quick change.

For partners of restless sleepers.

For partners of restless sleepers. (Amazon/)

Three inches of memory foam (1.5 comfort foam, 1.5 recovery foam) and pocket spring coils come together in this hybrid mattress to give you a cool and firm hug as you rest. The 6” pocket springs are individually wrapped and line the mattress edge-to-edge, ensuring that you have pressure point support whether you’re sitting or laying down. If you have a pet or partner who tosses and turns, you’ll also appreciate the limited motion transfer of this design.

A bed you won’t sink into.

A bed you won’t sink into. (Amazon/)

If you’re a back or side sleeper and soft squishy beds aren’t your thing, a firm coil mattress is a smart choice. It’s a far cry from sleeping on a hardwood floor—you’ll still get two layers (and 2.5 inches) of foam for comfort—but you won’t leave a you-sized impression in the bed. All of the mattress’s foam is CertiPUR-US Certified and does not contain phthalates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.

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